Zion Quest

Book 1 in the Zion Series by Le Anne Kemmish

He killed her parents, and now he’s coming after her. Before Rachael has the chance to complete one quarter of college, she must return home to arrange the funeral of her parents. While at home Rachael finds journals written by one of her ancestors, Elizabeth, who came across the Atlantic in 1853 as an immigrant with her husband, five children, and one on the way, to the Utah Territory. Rachael finds herself on a journey of her own and facing an unknown future until she meets Azuno. There is something unsettlingly familiar about this student she tries to ignore but all that changes when Elizabeth comes to her with a message. Will she cheat death, as Elizabeth had, when her parent’s killer comes after her?Rachael and Azuno’s lives intersect in the spiritual realm between God’s angels and the native spirits of the Ancestors. Which camp will win their souls?


Zion Lost

Concluding book in the Zion Series by Le Anne Kemmish

Will Rachael forgive Azuno, or order his death? Azuno finally got back to his Rachael, but will his past destroy her? Rachael and Azuno are reunited and begin their life together, despite the dark opposition that nearly separated them forever. However, will their new choices unknowingly steer them into imminent danger? Rachael recognizes the parallel between Elizabeth's journey and that of her own. She draws strength from Elizabeth's courage. Time after time, Azuno has opportunities to reveal the truth, but his love for Rachael is too precious to risk losing her. When Azuno couldn't come clean about his past, God takes it into his own hands.